Friday, May 9, 2008

The Value of a Professional Editing Service

I have posted about how Michelle L. Devon, owner of Accentuate Services, is working with me on the developmental editing of my book, Bubba Goes National. Through the process, I am learning a lot about fiction writing that I never knew I didn’t know! After making the rewrites she suggested, I feel better armed to write my next book, knowing I won’t make the same mistakes again. In addition, I have a more saleable and engaging book as a result of these rewrites. I thought I'd give Michelle and Accentuate a little plug today.

Accentuate Services offers a wide range of services, including proofreading and editing, e-book services, publishing preparation, critiques and reviews, writing services and administrative services. When you visit her website, visit the Accentuate Writers Forum to network with other writers, enter contests, and get some good advice.

Michelle L. Devon has written four published books, with contracts in place for more, as well as many articles in print and on the web. She runs a number of blogs, including one for proofreading and editing tips and one where she providers book reviews and interviews of authors.

Thanks Michelle, for all your help!

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