Saturday, May 24, 2008

Done with the first round of rewrites!

Tonight I finished my first round of rewrites on Bubba Goes last! I started in February and had to put it away a few times, but it's done at last. Greg made a pass through it and fixed my boneheaded silly mistakes, and now it's off to Michy to edit when she has time. I sure hope she finds less to fix this time!

I have some more lessons learned to discuss, so stay tuned and I'll post them over the next couple of days. I'll also keep you updated with Michy's progress! What a relief to finally finish this step. Writing and publishing a book is such a horridly lengthy process! It's a huge leap for goal-oriented, complete each task quickly, Jennifer. It takes forever to just WRITE the thing, then you have to revise it umpteen billion times, then the query process is forever to get someone to accept you, then more waiting and revising and finally when you're old and grey your book is finally available for sale. How can anyone bear it? Yet, bear it we do, and some of us over and over again. It's a sickness! And it's the life I've chosen to live.


Michelle L. Devon said...

Now's the fun part - putting it all together and having a final, polished, ready to submit to publishers version of the book that is going to knock their socks off!

It's going to be so worth it!

Love and stuff,

Jennifer Walker said...

You're damned right it's going to be worth it! WOO HOO!!!