Monday, March 10, 2008

Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

Author intrusion? What the heck is author intrusion? I'd never heard of it before Michy accused me of using it.

"You're wrong," I said, "I've never intruded on an author in my entire life."

"*sigh*" she said. intrusion basically means that the author has inserted her voice/thoughts/opinion into the story. For example, in Bubba Goes National (yes, I must use the whole name in every post. Gotta boost my Google rating), I have Leslie looking at a horse she'd just groomed. I said, "He was beautiful." Well, this was my opinion, not Leslie's. There are a couple of ways to handle this. I can either say, "Leslie thought he was beautiful," or, what might actually be better, have Leslie think, "He's beautiful!"

The author intrusion distracts the reader from the characters' thoughts and perceptions and interrupts the "movie" that should be playing in the reader's head. Therefore, keep the heck out of your story!

Hopefully I explained that correctly. If not, I'm sure Michelle L. Devon (Michy), picky perfectionist princess that she is, will correct me via the comment feature!

Have I mentioned Michy? Check out her blogs by clicking on her name when she comments.


Michelle L. Devon said...

9 points for a clever title.
10 full points for alliteration.

-2 points for insulting your editor.

gives you a solid 7.

Not bad, I'm thinking.

Love and stuff,

Jennifer Walker said...

Some people think being a picky perfectionist princess is a good thing! Apparently, you do. ;)

Michelle L. Devon said...

The picky perfectionist princess must point out the pontification of the point that a pucked up the paddition.

It's a solid six not seven.

So there.

Damn, it, Jenn. I'm writer, not a statistician.