Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book signing number two

Last night, a friend hosted me for a book signing at her barn at a horse show. The show had a fun progressive barn party (each barn served something different like pulled pork sandwiches, hamburgers, barbecued corn, wine, cupcakes, etc., and you wander around and just stuff yourself. There's a scene in Bubba Goes National where they do one!), so I set up my table during the barn party when a lot of people were wandering around. A lot of people stopped by to see what I was doing, and I sold several copies of Bubba, Elements of the Soul and The Ultimate Horse Lover. People were really excited to see the books, which was nice. Some didn't have money on them and promised to come back during the weekend, so I may sell a couple more. It was really fun! Greg had made fliers for me to post around the show ground so people would know about it and come look for me, but I didn't get them up until the afternoon...and probably not enough of them. That was a bummer. However, I'm happy with how it went!