Thursday, July 1, 2010

LAFFN is here! Get to writing!

July LAFFN has begun! Now is the time to finish that novel that's been languishing on your hard drive, or get it edited, or whatever your goal is for the month (we're really easy going here). It's go excuses! If you haven't already, visit the LAFFN forum and get to know some other LAFFers. Declare your goal, get your participant graphic, and get going.

Set a daily or weekly goal to chart your progress and check in with us...we want to help you succeed! You'll never get that baby published if you don't at least finish it. My goal is to finish Bubba to the Rescue, which is the sequel to my first novel, Bubba Goes National, which I released earlier this year. I want to get #2 done this month so I can get it edited and printed by October. I think another 10,000 words will do it, which is cake--323 words per day.

What's your goal? Let's get LAFFN!

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M. Lori Motley said...

My goal is to complete "Shroud Work" up to it's final draft before polishing! This was last year's NaNoWriMo novel, and it deserves to be completed. Awesome LAFFN idea.