Monday, July 19, 2010

LAFFN checking in

Today I accomplished something big and difficult on my work in progress: I wrote the ending! yay! This is really hard for me, because I'm so afraid of screwing it up. I always struggle with endings. I had been hemming and hawing on how this book should end ever since I started it (which I HATE. I prefer knowing how a book is going to end before I even start it), but I came up with an idea a couple of weeks ago, consulted a couple of people and decided it was a good one. I've been slowly working toward it for the past couple of weeks, and I finally got there today. Phew! One hard roadblock out of the way. Now, I just need to finish the middle...there's an icky plot element I need to write, and decide how that's going to affect the rest of the story as far as one character is concerned. Then, I need to write him back in, since he's been out of most of the book pending my decision! I'm not so much looking forward to this, but it'll be easier than the ending, I think. Twelve days left to finish, and I think I'll make it. Are you LAFFN?

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