Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Talk Radio shows for writers and readers

I recently discovered some Blog Talk Radio shows that I thought my writer friends might want to look into for promotional opportunities, and my reader friends might enjoy to find new authors and books. It's called Red River Radio, and they have several shows every month. These are generally talk show format type of shows where there is a guest author or two and on some of them book club members join in a discussion with the guests to ask about their books, their writing process, etc.

I have been asked to be an assistant for one of the hosts, Fran Lewis, in her book club discussions the third Wednesday of every month at 10AM Pacific. My job will be to answer the phone and monitor the chat room for questions. My first show is next Wednesday, the 16th, and I'm very excited! I hope you all will listen in...and check out the other Red River Radio shows. You just might find your new favorite author or get the opportunity to talk about your own book live on the air.

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Heather said...

I will absolutely listen. Can't wait!