Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mommy's Survival Guide Part One: First draft complete!

Last night I completed the first draft of the Mommy's Survival Guide to Autism Part One and sent it off to Beth to review and add her feedback. With so many things on my plate right now, it felt so good to complete one thing, even if it's only the first draft! I'm really looking forward to completing this book and getting it out there to help some parents.

I knew very little about autism before I started this book. Like many people I think, when I thought of autism, I thought of a kid sitting in the corner, catatonic, until he decided to get up and play Mozart or something. I never knew how wide the spectrum of symptons and severity of this disease is. It's been positively fascinating learning more about Jake, and I've heard from other parents as well. There are so many common themes, yet so many differences. I really admire my wonderful friend Beth, who raises her autistic son all alone while her husband is overseas in the military. You go, girl!

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