Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking another look at Shared Reviews

I joined Shared Reviews back in 2007 when it started, when we got paid $2 per review on a limited basis. When they stopped that, I stopped writing there, but my reviews stayed. I have concentrated my energies elsewhere since then, but they have made a lot of changes lately that made me decide to give it another shot.

Although they still do not have the $2 up front model, there are a bunch of ways to earn money. I just started back and I only have 15 articles as of this writing, so I can't say how well this is working. I do know that Joan Young is happy with what she has earned there. There is a lot of information in the Knowledge Center on the site, but Joan gave a good breakdown on Accentuate.

 I found it fun to go on the sige and complete some simple challenges (like updating my profile) to earn experience points and author credits. The review raters I have come across so far have done a really good job of providing helpful comments to get my reviews up to the site's standards, style and expectations. I was able to edit my reviews to incorporate their comments and up my score. The reviews are super easy to write, because there's little research reqiured. Use a product, snap a picture of it, write 300 words about what your experience was. Sprinkle in some SEO so people can find it, and you're good to go. They must be 100% original.

My goal is to post one review per day for the next month. I'm three-for-three so far, and at the moment that ranks me 14th in the most currently active list, which is on the Community Activity page. That gives me a little exposure, although I don't know how helpful that is, since I assume only the site's writers look at that, and their views don't count. It's fun, though. If you decide to try it, please put me down as your referral--my user name is twnkltoz. Or, just stop by and read my stuff!

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