Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LAFFN is just around the corner! you're just catching your breath from NaNoWriMo, have always wanted to write a novel (or self help book or whatever!) but haven't gotten around to it, or have a have a half finished novel on your hard drive you really need to get to, Let's All Finally Finish a Novel (LAFFN) is the time to get it done! Heck, even if you have the book done, but need to rewrite it and polish it so you can submit it. You can do that, too. At LAFFN, we don't care what your goal is, as long as it gets you at least one step closer to getting your book published.

Sometimes, all we need is a little push and some support to finally get around to it. That's why I started LAFFN, to push me to finish my own projects. I run it in January and July (although that may change when we get our real, official website. For now, Accentuate Writers Forum graciously hosts us. Please stop by, declare your goal, and let's all finish something together!

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