Thursday, October 28, 2010

Windswept Destiny Publishing Announces Book Signing for Bubba Goes National

Folsom Author Jennifer Walker Signs her Debut Novel, Bubba Goes National

Folsom, CA - Windswept Destiny Publishing, an imprint of Twin Trinity Media, announced today that Folsom resident Jennifer Walker will sign her debut novel, Bubba Goes National, at the Christensen's Saddlery annual sale, 3690 Taylor Road in Loomis, November 12th to the 14th, 2010, from 12:00 to 4:00pm. She will also offer two anthologies that contain her stories, Elements of the Soul and The Ultimate Horse Lover.

Bubba Goes National is about thirteen-year-old Leslie Clark, who lives with her widowed father. She loves horses, but he can’t afford to buy her one. She works for a horse trainer to earn lessons and a little extra money, which she saves up in hope of one day owning her own horse. When she goes on a shopping trip with her father and trainer, she finds an Arabian gelding at a livestock auction and buys him. She names him Lucky, but her teasing father insists on calling him Bubba, much to her chagrin. As Leslie soon discovers, Lucky had been cast off and sold inexpensively at auction because he didn't meet his breeder's standards. However, he is a dream come true for Leslie. Together, they work their way to the Arabian horse National Championships.

Although Bubba Goes National was written for the ten to fourteen-year-old market, it has appeal for horse lovers of all ages. Readers will learn a little about horse care and showing while reading a delightful story about working hard to make one’s dreams come true.

Michelle L. Devon, author and owner of Accentuate Services, says, “Bubba Goes National is a sweet story, but it also tackles some of the more difficult issues teens have to deal with these days, such as: death of a parent, competitive rivalry, overcoming tough obstacles, and working hard to earn something. It’s a story any teen girl who has ever dreamed of having her own horse will want to read, and horse-loving grownup girls will too!”

Bubba Goes National is available at a cover price of $12.95; however, a discount will be offered for books purchased at the signing. Books can also be purchased at Colton Books in Folsom and at Christensen’s Saddlery in Loomis. Additionally, autographed copies can be purchased at It is also available through online retailers, like,, and Wholesale orders can be placed through the major distributors Ingrams, Coutt’s, Baker & Taylor, Blackwell Book Services and Holt Jackson.

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