Friday, June 12, 2009

Have you sent an Unsent Letter?

Unsent Letters is growing by leaps and bounds. Almost everyone has a letter they wish they had sent, and now you can...even if it's just anonymously. AND, you can get paid for it. AND, you can get it published in a book! Of course, not every letter is accepted, but as of right now the editor (Michelle L. Devon)is reading and responding to all submissions.

Even if you do not have a letter idea, read the blog with the accepted submissions. Some of them are incredibly powerful and heartfelt, and today's is controversial as well--check out the comments and weigh in!

I sent in a submission, but she has so many to go through that it will probably be a while before I hear back. If mine is accepted, I'll post, but it will be posted as anonymous so you won't know which one is mine. :)

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