Friday, September 12, 2008

Writing is an emotional roller coaster

Writing is so emotional. When you write fiction, your characters go through a wide range of emotions and feelings, and I, for one, ride right along with them. I cried while writing certain parts of Bubba Goes National, and every time I do an edit or rewrite of it, I cry at the same places.

Even non-fiction has its challenges. You get a compliment from an editor or reader on a piece and you soar sky high. Nothing can touch you! You have arrived! Then, an editor rejects your pitch, or *gasp* asks for edits on the article you worked so hard on. Rejection. Depression sets in. Why can't every pitch be accepted and every piece I write perfect? I know, I one is perfect and you can't get what you want every single time. But...I WANT to be perfect. I want them to gush over my perfect article. I want them to happily accept every article idea I pitch them.

Do you go through this in your writing? Or, has it become like any other job for you--you write, you submit, it's accepted or not and you go on? Do you ever get over that slight feeling offense that they asked for edits, even though you recognize that their suggestions made the piece oh-so-much better?


Lisa said...

The agonies of edits and the ecstasy of the pat on the back! I'm finding that as long as I can approach it all with a "this too shall pass" view, it's easier to go with the flow. But, I do allow myself a few moments of satisfaction when I get a "job well done." Nice post.

Pink Ink said...

Hi, Pink Ink from AW here. That's awesome you cry through your ms. I have felt that way sometimes in my writing, and it is a wonderful place to be in.