Saturday, August 30, 2008

Demand Studios review time is shortening

It looks like Demand Studios is getting on the ball. Today I had an article approved that I wrote on 8/25 or 8/26. It seemed to be taking a week or more for them to review articles for a while but in the past three days I have had six articles reviewed. They are also very quick to approve suggested assignments--usually within a couple of hours. While I don't agree with everything Demand Studios does as far as editing goes, I have to say they are trying hard to make their writers happy. They just started a Demand Studios blog, so this may be a good step toward improved communication and Demand Studios-writer relationships.


Jennifer Walker said...

Be sure to read the rest of my blog!

Kevin Michael said...

Hi Jennifer,

I just signed up with Demand Studios. Any advice? Also, feel free to check out my blog.