Friday, July 4, 2008


ODesk is an online bidding site for freelancers. They have jobs in a number of different categories from technical to voice-overs to writing and editing jobs. I have secured and completed one job through them so far and it was quite satisfactory. I have also made contact with a couple of people who may hire me for future projects. It is free to join and use as a freelancer--the buyer of your services pays a fee to oDesk. Like any online bidding site, many of the buyers are pretty cheap and you have to compete with people who will work for $3/hour, but there are some buyers who are more interested in quality and are willing to pay more for a native English speaker with good writing skills.


Orie said...


I am glad to hear that you completed one job and are now working on longer term relationships through oDesk. We pride ourselves for having so many lasting relationships between buyers and providers on our network.

Even though it may look like a bidding site, I would like to point out that a critical element in our system is creating the trust between the provider and the buyer. True, there are plenty providers applying for jobs with low rates, but if you look at who really gets hired, it's often times those who are able to demonstrate their professionalism and competencies.
Having said that, it's often times the case that a new provider posts low rates to get their feet wet and establish their history on oDesk. Once they gain a track record they adjust their fees to market rate.

Good luck with establishing those long term jobs on oDesk!

Orie from oDesk.

Jennifer Walker said...

Orie, thank you so much for stopping by and weighing in! What you say is true--I have now been hired several times and I was the highest bidder at least once.