Monday, September 24, 2007

Time to get serious

I have decided that I am going to start really focusing on making writing my career. It'll be a while before I can quit my day job of writing board reports for my mutual fund company (well, at least it's writing), so for now I'll start with some freelancing to earn extra money and expand my resume.

I'm exploring several options, including articles and offering proofreading, editing, and writing services. One site that seems like easy money is This site offers abstracts of news articles so that you can get the gist of a lot of news in just a few minutes, or decide whether an article interests you enough to give it a full read. Here is one of my absracts that was accepted and published:

The Debate on California's Pot Shops -

Big surprise: medical marijuana in California is being obtained by people who just want to get high. Safer reports on marijuana clubs, set up to produce pot for AIDS patients and cancer sufferers, that are systematically being abused by people who don't actually need the drug. One supporter-turned-critic thinks the feds should step in to weed out the troublemakers. This 60 Minutes treatment is of barely mild interest, mercifully short, and doesn't break any new ground.
in 60 Minutes by Morley Safer, 23 September 2007
This abstract was edited by Brijit. Read more here...

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